1st International Conference on Maritime Law: Modern Challenges of Marine Navigation

29 September , 2016 - 30 September , 2016
Venue: Split (Croatia)

Faculty of Law, University of Split organises the 1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MARITIME LAW - MODERN CHALLENGES OF MARINE NAVIGATION. The conference aims to bring together the leading academic scientists, researchers, research scholars and practitioners to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Maritime Law.

All authors are kindly encouraged to contribute to and help shape the conference by submitting their research abstracts and papers and are cordially invited to give their presentations at the conference. All the conference papers will be published in the conference book of proceedings.

The conference is aimed at the national and international academic scientists, research scholars, practitioners,  state administration, judges, attorneys, legal and other experts in maritime and transport law, maritime operators, lawyers in transport insurance industry, etc.

The 1st announcement and the application form can be downloaded here.


Project Contribution: 

A presentation will be held by the project collaborator, Vesna Skorupan Wolff, Ph. D., titled: "The Guidelines for the Choice of the Competent Court Ratione Materiae in Disputes Arising from Berthing Contracts and de Lege Ferenda Proposals". Court competence ratione materiae in disputes arising from berthing contracts is a very disputable issue and this is evidenced by frequent conflicts of the subject matter jurisdiction in practice. The authors discuss all aspects of legal relevance for the selection of the competent court ratione materiae in disputes of this kind. The research is conducted on two levels, de lege lata and de lege ferenda. The basic thesis of the research is that in the interest of achieving legal certainty and uniform application of the law relating to marina operators’ berthing contracts it is necessary for all disputes arising from berthing contracts to be subject to the jurisdiction of commercial courts regardless of whether it is a ship, yacht or boat on berth, and no matter if it is a berth in the sea or dry berth, and whether the contract in question is a commercial or consumer contract. The presentation is a joint contribution by dr. Skorupan Wolff and dr. Padovan, containing some of the earliest project research results. The presentation will be followed by an academic article to be published in the Coference Book of Proceedings. The powerpoint presentation is available here.

A presentation will be held by the project collaborator, Prof. dr. Dorotea Ćorić, titled: "Marine Environment Protection in the Marinas – Croatian Legal Framework". The main purpose of this paper is to provide a brief account of the Croatian legal framework relating to the protection of the marine environment in the marinas. The paper specifically discusses the prevention standards as well as the rules regulating the liability for pollutin damage. The author concludes that the current legal framework contains a number of laws and regulations leading to legal uncertainty in the application of the corresponding environmental standards.The presentation will be followed by an academic article to be published in the Coference Book of Proceedings. The powerpoint presentation is available here.