Topics, goals & methods

General goals:

  • to propose improvements in the legal framework relating to the regime of liability and insurance of the Croatian marina operators, with a view of enhancing their competitiveness, safety, security and environmental protection standards
  • to recommend a set of models of general terms and conditions as an innovative business solution for marina operators and liability insurers
  • to propose a reform of the respective legislation in compliance with the relevant EU legislation
  • to clarify the related legal concepts, with a view of unifying the domestic court practice and contributing to legal certainty in the interest of all parties involved


Specific project activities:

  • Creating databases of the collected information and material (domestic and foreign national law, international conventions, EU law, self-regulation, legal literature, case law) followed by tables and indexes;
  • Identifying critical issues for discussion (downfalls of the positive legal framework, problems in practice);
  • Analysis of the relevant statistical data related to the adverse events and accidents in the marinas;
  • Cooperation and exchange of information, knowledge and experience with the relevant stakeholders (marinas, insurers, charter-agencies…)
  • Dialogue and cooperation with the competent public authorities;
  • Delivering lectures and presentations, educative workshops;
  • Publishing academic and professional papers;
  • Final project conference – international professional-academic conference planned at the end of the project (February 2019);
  • Handbook/manual for practitioners summarising the main areas of research interest and results.



The project will cover the various legal aspects related to the professional activity of the nautical tourism ports, including:

  • status of the nautical tourism ports, establishment, categorisation
  • management
  • maritime safety
  • marina operator’s liability and claims and other private law aspects of the marina operator’s professional activity (contractual and extracontractual liability, berthing contracts, contracts of maintenance or repair…)
  • consumer protection
  • applicable law and jurisdiction

The legal research will include the relevant national law, comparative law, EU law, autonomous law (business terms and conditions and self-regulation of marinas, insurers, charter-agencies etc.) and case law.