Field Research in Slovenia

25 April , 2017

Dr. Padovan and dr. Skorupan Wolff undertook a field research in Slovenia for the purpose of collecting the relevant information, material and sources for the comparative analysis of the national law and business practices of the marina operators as well as of their insurers in Slovenia. The field research consisted of the meetings and interviews with Mrs. Margita Selan Voglar, director of marine and transport insurance in Zavarovalnica Triglav (Ljubljana) and with Mr. Matjaž Francé, the marina manager in Marina Izola. Zavarovalnica Triglav insures marina operators' liability for all three marinas in Slovenia, and their experiences and data are therefore entirely relevant for our topic of interest. Marina Izola with approximately 700 berths is also certainly an important stakeholder and Mr. Francé kindly shared his opninion, experiences and understanding of the topics that we analyse within our research project.

Dr. Vesna Skorupan Wolff and Mrs. Margita Selan Voglar (Director of Marine and Transport Insurance, Zavarovalnica Triglav) in Marina Izola (Slovenia)