Field Research in Marina Zadar (Tankerkomerc)

23 February , 2017

Prof. Ranka Petrinović in Marina Zadar


Field research in Marina Zadar was conducted on the 23rd February 2017. Prof. Ranka Petrinović, Dr. Nikola Mandić and Dr. Marija Pijaca, as external project collaborator, met Mr. Robert Motušić, the general manager of Marina Zadar who expressed the support for the DELICROMAR project. The interview with Mr. Motušić was a valuable source of information for further research and for the identification of the key legal problems and issues related to marinas and marina operators in Croatia. It showed in particular that legal problems surrounding the system of concessions on the maritime domain and the legal status of the ports of nautical tourism and marina operators pose a serious obstacle to their further development and investments therein. Mr. Motušić also pointed at the legal uncertainty regarding the contracts of berths and the understanding of the regime of the marina operators' civil liability.