Field Research and Cooperation with Marina Punat

14 February , 2017

Dr. Adriana Padovan and Dr. Vesna Skorupan Wolff visited Marina Punat on February 13th, 2017, where they met Mrs. Renata Marević (Marina Manager) and Mr. Marijan Topolovec (Director of Marina Punat Group Ltd.). The DELICROMAR project team members and the marina operator representatives thoroughly discussed the problems and intricacies related to the legal aspects of marina operator's business, detecting the major issues relevant for further research and analysis within the project. Considering that Marina Punat is the oldest and one of the largest marinas in Croatia, their vast experience and practice are of a great interest for the research project. Particularly interesting part of this field research was to learn of the unique electronic system of monitoring and control of the vessels in the port and the internal procedures and protocols that this marina operator implements in order to ensure a high level of service quality setting a new trend of standard of care applied in this business field.The cooperation within the project shall continue which we find highly important for the successfulness of the research project.   

Mrs. Renata Marević, marina manager and Dr. Adriana Padovan