DELICROMAR Project Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Croatian Marinas

21 June , 2017

The annual meeting of the Association of Croatian Marinas of the Croatian Chamber of Economy was held in Rijeka, on the 20th June 2017. Dr. Padovan was invited to the meeting to officially present the DELICROMAR project, its activities and current results. The presentation was accepted with interest and the President of the Association of Croatian Marinas, Mr. Sean Lisjak, expressed a full support to the project. The cooperation with the Association of Croatian Marinas within the DELICROMAR project has so far included, in particular, their help in the collection of the answers to the questionnaire for the marinas and in the field research, as well as the promotion of and participation in the dissemination activities within the project. Dr. Skorupan Wolff and Dr. Tuhtan Grgić also participated in the meeting which was an excellent opportunity to discuss the current research topics with the representatives and managers of Croatian Marinas.