Adriatic Maritime Law Conference, Portorose (Slovenia), 26th - 28th May 2016

19 April , 2016

Adriatic Maritime Law Conference will be held in Portorose (Slovenia) from the 26th till 28th May 2016. The professional-academic conference is jointly organised by the maritime law associations of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Some leading experts of maritime law will hold lectures and presentations on the hot topical issues of maritime law, in particular on the matters of legal status of the seaports in the EU and the legal framework for offshore activities in the Adriatic and Mediterranean. The distinguished speakers are avv. Giorgio Berlingieri (Italy), prof. dr. Marko Ilešić (Slovenia), prof. dr. Ignacio Arroyo Martinez (Spain), prof. avv. Stefano Zunarelli (Italy), prof. dr. Dragan Bolanča (Croatia), dr. Arber Gjeta (Albania), dr. Patrik Vlačić (Slovenia), avv. Enrico Vergani (Italy), dr. Boris Jerman (Slovenia), avv. Simona Coppola (Italy), Loris Rak (Croatia), prof. avv. Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe (Italy), prof. dr. Dorotea Ćorić (Croatia), prof. dr. Jelena Grdinić (Monte Negro), prof. dr. Axel Luttenberger (Croatia), prof. dr. Marko Pavliha (Slovenia), dr. Mitja Grbec (Slovenia), doc. dr. Mišo Mudrić (Croatia), avv. Andrea Berlingieri Jr. (Italy), Dr. Marija Pijaca (Croatia), Avv. Massimiliano Musi (Italy), Jana Rodica (Slovenia).

The conference programme, invitation and registration form can be downloaded here.

A joint presentation falling under the topic of the Adriatic Institute's new research project - DELICROMAR, will be held at the conference by the project principal investigator dr. Adriana V. Padovan and the project collaborator dr. Iva Tuhtan Grgić. The presentation title is: "Is the marina operator's berthing fee a privileged claim under the Croatian Maritime Code?".