3rd Adriatic Maritime Law Conference

24 May , 2018 - 26 May , 2018
Venue: Grado (Italy)

The three national associations of maritime law (Italian, Slovenian and Croatian) organized the 3rd Adriatic Maritime Law Conference, which took place in Grado, Italy, from May 24th to 26th, 2018.

The conference included presentations from speakers coming from various Adriatic coastal states (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro), to discuss recent trends of maritime law, and to have an update with regards to the main topics of the 1st and 2nd AMLC (the regulation of seaports, legal framework for offshore activities, legal aspects of nautical tourism). Furthermore, the conference this year opened a new maritime law theme common to the Adriatic states, i.e. the passenger transport by sea.

The goal of the conference is to share opinions regarding unification of maritime law, which is also the main task of the member associations of the Comité Maritime International, and to develop activities of young members of our associations.

Project contribution:

Dr. A. Padovan delivered a presentation titled: Report of the AMLC Working Group on the Legal Aspects of Nautical Tourism and the Way Forward, which was prepared in co-authorship with dr. Vesna Skorupan Wolff.

Namely, at the occasion of the 2nd AMLC held in Opatija in May 2017, a new AMLC working group was established with a mandate of comparative research of the laws and regulations dealing with nautical tourism of the Adriatic countries, considering the significance of nautical tourism for the Adriatic coastal states, but also for all European maritime nations. It has a potential of creating opinions and ideas for further harmonisation of the relevant laws and practices in the interest of legal certainty. The report summarises the activities of the working group over the past year, including the cooperation within the project DELICROMAR which has been professionally supported by the three Adriatic MLAs. Furthermore, an overview of the current developments in the Croatian legal framework for nautical tourism was given, including the current revision of the Croatian Maritime Code and the Maritime Domain and Seaport Act, and finally some ideas and initiatives for the future work of the working group were presented. 

The presentation can be downloaded here.