22nd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development (ESD) – Legal Challenges of Modern World

29 June , 2017 - 30 June , 2017
Venue: Split (Croatia)

This international academic conference will be held at the Faculty of Law in Split, 29th - 30th June 2017. 

The Conference is organised by University of Split (Croatia), University North (Croatia), Faculty of Law University of Split (Croatia) and Faculty of Law University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and supported by Croatian Academy of Legal Sciences, Croatian Mediation Association, Association of Croatian Judges and the Adriatic Institute of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. 

More information about the conference is available on the conference website.

Project contribution:

Within the DELICROMAR research project, a round table will be organised on the 30th June 2017, at the Hall of the Faculty of Law, University of Split, at 15:00 hrs, under the title:



Formally the roundtable is organised by the Adriatic Institute of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, within the installation research project DELICROMAR financed by the Croatian Science Foundation.

The speakers at the roundtable are researchers of the DELICROMAR project team and the professional experts in the field that have so far gathered around our project as external collaborators.

It is our special honor that Mr. sc. Maja Markovčić Kostelac, the State Secretary for Maritime Affairs of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure will deliver a welcome address at the opening of the event. 

The presentations planned for the round table are as follows:

1. IVAN SOŽA, President of the Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Šibenik
“Strategy and Vision for Sustainable Development of Nautical Tourism: Croatian Perspective in the International Context” - download

2. Dr. NINA PERKO, Ph.D., Head of the Department for the Administration of the Maritime Domain, Port and Concession System, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure: 
“On the procedures for the award of concessions for the ports of nautical tourism in the Republic of Croatia – de lege lata et de lege ferenda” - download

3. Asst. Prof. IVA TUHTAN GRGIĆ, Ph. D., Faculty of Law University of Rijeka
“Valorisation of Legitimate Investments in the Ports of Nautical Tourism – a Condition for Sustainable Development” - download

4. ZORAN TASIĆ, Consultant to the Management Board, Brodosplit-Holding Ltd.
“Legal Aspects of Financing Marina Projects” - download

5. Asst. Prof. ADRIANA VINCENCA PADOVAN, Ph. D. Research Associate, Adriatic Institute, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
“Marina Operator's Liability Insurance and its Impact on the Business Practices” - download

6. Dr. VESNA SKORUPAN WOLFF, Ph. D., Senior Research Fellow, Adriatic Institute, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
“Standardisation of Marina Operators' Terms and Conditions as a Way Forward” - download

7. Prof. GORDAN STANKOVIĆ, Ph. D., Law Firm Vukić, Jelušić, Šulina, Stanković, Jurcan & Jabuka, Rijeka: “Marina’s Claim for Berthing Fees - Maritime-Lien or Not?”

8. Asst. Prof. ELI MARUŠIĆ, Ph. D., Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Split
“Social Responsibility, Strategic Orientation and Performance in Marina Industry”

9. SUZANA MARTINOVIĆ, Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management of Montenegro
“Legal Challenges Related to the Development of Marina Projects in Montenegro” - download