Field research in Marina Dalmacija and Marina Kornati, October 2017

02 October , 2017

Field research was undertaken in Marina Dalmacija of D-Marin in Sukošan and in Marina Kornati of Ilirija d.d. in Biograd. Dr. Padovan, dr. Skorupan Wolff and dr. Pijaca visited the two marinas and interviewed the managing staff. Mr. Božidar Duka, regional director of D-Marin, arranged a sightseeing of Marina Dalmacija, the largest marina in Croatia, and gave an insight in the marina operator's business, with his view of the outstanding legal issues, in particular the nature and contents of the contract of berth and marina operator's liability. Mr. Duka also manages Marina Borik and Marina Mandalina in Šibenik.

The team members further visited Marina Kornati in Biograd where they held a long interview with Mrs. Branka Knez, the marina manager. Mrs. Knez commented in detail on a number of issues that have been raised so far within the research and provided a comprehensive overview of her experience as marina manager relevant for the understanding of the various legal issues related to the marina operator's business.

Dr. Vesna Skorupan Wolff and Dr. Marija Pijaca with Mr. Božidar Duka, regional director of D-Marin